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By Jordan | September 18, 2014

Our First Newsletter + Template Giveaway


The first newsletter dropped today. Did you get it? How did you like it? I would love to hear your thoughts below. This also felt like a good opportunity to launch the HTML Email Design blog where I'll be talking more about email design, in-depth email reviews, and tips/tricks to help you send successful campaigns.

I've been a marketing designer for the past decade and have worked on brands such as American Express, Sony, Macy's, and Chartbeat. During this time, I've worked alongside copywriters, developers, creative directors, and clients. My role as a designer touches upon all facets of what it takes to get a campaign done and I'll be able to share some of my experience with you and hopefully you'll find it helpful.

Now to the fun stuff

As promised in the newsletter, I'm giving away a free email template that I've personally developed. It's responsive for mobile and has been tested in Litmus to work in major email clients including Outlook. I've included all the html, images, as well the PSD file for you to tinker with. Use it however and for whatever you'd like. It's a thank you to all of you for the incredible traction the site has gained since its relaunch. Here it is:

Kanvas Lite by HTML Email Designs

I've included comments in the HTML with resource links to give you a better sense of why things were done a certain way. Feel free to use it or tear it out and replace with your own tried and true method. Download the package below:

Download Kanvas Now

Like what you see? Please help share and spread the word. Be sure to check out my email design gallery and if you're not on my list, be sure to subscribe at the top right. Thanks again to all you awesome guys and gals.